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Black Box Genesis is an art initiative that encompasses the experience in fine/visual arts and artistic/cultural activities of Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain.

Bekim Hasaj (1990, Bajram Curri) & Valentina Gelain (1992, Feltre) are two interdisciplinary artists, currently based in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Both graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy.

They have been actively cooperating together since 2018 and have worked on public art, cultural events and -long term- projects, independent and otherwise. In the same year, Hasaj & Gelain founded Black Box Genesis® and ran the same name art space in the city of Vaasa, Finland, until 2021.


Established as an art studio and art space, they have collaborated with various organizations and professionals, organizing and creating events, exhibitions, and public activities. Now, projected towards the latter and online or pop-up exhibitions, Black Box Genesis consolidates the form of a platform for the presentation and promotion of the two founders, peers and other collaborators.

In addition to the cooperation as Black Box Genesis, the two contemporary artists will work as a duo starting in 2023, uniting and developing even more aspects of their artistic practice and research, where the articulate body of work will be unanimously recognized.

Key point of this new collaborative path was the 'Dripping Cavities' exhibition cycle, and the multidisciplinary art projects presented.

About Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain

Project Archives

Black Box Genesis team:

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Artist duo:

'Dripping Cavities' exhibition

Black Box Genesis Exhibitions & Events

About the foundation of the art space in Vaasa, the development and archive of all exhibition and events to date: Art Space

Main Partners & Collaborators: Elokuvakeskus Botnia ry/Filmcentrum Botnia rf | Malakta Art Factory/Art in Malakta rf | Regional Dance Center of Ostrobothnia | Vaasa City/Vaasa City Library/Vaasa City Museums | Collision Art Collective | Bock's Corner Village


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