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           Black Box Genesis
                    art life project

                           This group was born as contact, as work, as fun, as a world.

     The world of our ideas, our passions, our lives.

                                          Lives that have intertwined with a reality called Art.

                                     Our art, our way of being and expressing ourselves.

                We started walking... the path to find our way.

Road that will lead us to infinity.



'Public Art in Rural Areas' by Bekim Hasaj - Ostrobothnia 
Museum's Cultural Blog

Poster Visual_edited.jpg

Dripping Cavities
Exhibition Project 2022-23 

Bekim Hasaj
visual art project
Scanning Landscape

Clients of Kuvasto oy (Visual Arts'Copyright Society) | Full Member of G.A.P. - Globe Art Point Helsinki ry

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